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Doing some Overwatch Fanart with :iconserpentwined:

yes. Welp, gotta drink and draw stream for a friend's birthday :iconserpentwined: PS: Never drawn a dragon before : / yap its time! time for the paintings! paint streaming time! with :icondaphz:… Join for some funzies! or not. time for fun! or no fun allowed!!! >: C Let's paint and drink! time for stupid laughs!
Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes!!! aguuuuuuu <3 It's time to be durpy and draw and talk about stuff while I draw and talk about random things! it's paint streaming time!!! with a coworker bud of mine, Olson pls. get up to get down wit da sickness oh wah ah ah ah ah 

So recently I've been getting an influx of private messages and even on my front page from people asking for the notion of collaborations with so called "writers", putting my art in their 'no one's ever heard of you' art book, helping them come up with a concept design for their high school/university art project. Oh and by the way have I also mentioned that the compensation is either non existent, for royalties after the project (which is pretty much wishing for pigs to fly on their end), or for the glory of exposure! Finally things are going our way!!!

Seriously, do not waste my time, your time (actually it's tragically comic the way you spend your time coming up with these audacious pitches), or anyone else's time with this lucrative vision.

Professional artists have full time jobs doing what they do to pay the bills and further their careers in order to uphold a professional service. The type of product you're looking for with your budget would be a website called

And to those who do genuinely support the artists and craftsmen out there with respect, I continue to salute you for working together with us.
Some MEtroid artzzzz ==> the sweet sweet can